James Lin, M.D.


Since 2012, Dr. Lin has earned a reputation as the best high school biology instructor in America. A magna cum laude graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied biology, Dr. Lin went on to receive an M.A. degree in Evolutionary Psychology from UC Santa Barbara as one of the pioneers of the now popular discipline. He obtained a perfect score on the Biology section of the MCAT, scoring in the 100th percentile overall. After earning the M.D. degree, Dr. Lin began teaching college-level biology to gifted secondary school students. He trained many Biology Olympiad Semifinalists and Finalists, volunteered to work with high school, middle school and elementary school science competition teams, and held successful medical biology summer camps where high school campers learned about human diseases. He teaches SAT Biology and AP Biology and provides college counseling at Cambridge Institute.

Dr. Lin's credentials

Volunteering with science competition teams of many schools                            

Recognized by the Walnut Valley school district for community service (2015)


Among the Biology Olympiad Semifinalists and Finalists that he trained  

Running a successful medical biology summer camp at UC San Diego