Program Fees and Policy: Please Read

1. Tuition and Fees:

Application Fee: $50, nonrefundable for all students

Camp Tuition: $3000, including course materials and field trip expense

Residential Fee: $1500, including room and board, 3 meals per day

International Student Fee: $500, for students who require an invitation letter for visa application support


All tuition and fees must be paid before any enrolled classes begin.


2. Payments and Late Fees:

     i. Non-refundable $50 is due when submitting the registration form ii

. $1,500 deposit for residential program students or $1,000 deposit for day program students. Once the deposit has been made, the student's spot will be secured for the program.

     iii. The remaining balance should be paid before May 31st.

     iv. Payment made by the end of business day on April 1st will receive $200 early bird discount to be applied toward the tuition.

     v. Payment received after July 1st, a late fee of $300 will be applied.


3. Refund Policy:

To withdraw your child from the program for any reason prior to arriving on site, you must notify the Medical Biology Camp in writing. Refunds take approximately 4 - 6 weeks to process from the time that the withdrawal notification is received by the Medical Biology Camp. Refunds are issued as checks. Refunds are sent to the student's address of record. Please refer to the chart below for more information regarding Medical Biology Camp refund policies.


     i. 30 days before camp begins: 100% tuition and non-application fees paid will be refunded.

     ii. 29 days to 1 day before camp begins: 50% tuition and non-application fees paid will be refunded.

     iii. After camp begins: All fees are non-refundable

     iv. The application, program deposit, and international fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

     v. Refunds may be requested due to medical conditions that require withdrawal from a program. Once a refund is finalized, the refund check will be sent in approximately 4 - 6 weeks.


4. Referral Policy:

Referral fee of $100 per student for a full program payment will be paid to the agent by check on the last day of the camp.


5. Right to Refuse Service:

Medical Biology Camp reserves the right to refuse service to any individual.


6. Student Work and Media:

Medical Biology Camp reserves the right to use student work done at Medical Biology Camp locations and other student media taken or made at Medical Biology Camp programs and classes for broadcast, advertisement, or teaching purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, photographs, videos, voice recordings, student projects, student essays, student notes, etc


7. Student Code of Conduct:

Medical Biology Camp is an educational program and as such expects students to conduct themselves in a responsible manner with respect to others. This Student Code of Conduct outlines the program's general expectations for student conduct and prohibited behaviors including, but not limited to, the following:


1) Disorderly or Disruptive Conduct: Actions which disturb or disrupt the personal safety, peace, or well-being of the community or any community members, or which disturb or disrupt the normal functions of the institution. This includes conduct which occurs inside a classroom which disrupts other students' ability to learn or an instructor's ability to teach.

2) Causing Injury or Intimidation: Actions which cause, or could cause, personal injury or death. Such actions include, but are not limited to, physically assaulting, threatening to assault, or intimidating another person. Any injury caused by enrolled students will be the sole responsibility of said student and family.

3) Damage to, Misuse of, or Unauthorized Use or Possession of Property: Such actions include, but are not limited to:

     a) Abusing, mishandling or misappropriating the property, equipment, materials, or account of the institution or members of the institution;

     b) Damaging, destroying, borrowing without authorization, or misusing any property belonging to the institution or another member and/or visitors to the institution;

     c) Entering, using, or occupying institution property without authorization;

     d) Unauthorized access to computers, computer systems, and/or computer data; and

     e) Other conduct or actions in which the integrity of the institution's physical facilities or grounds are threatened or harmed or could reasonably be expected to result in damage or harm.

4. Theft and/or Possession of Stolen Property: Actions such as stealing, or borrowing without authorization, institution property or property belonging to members of and/or visitors to the institution.

5. False Information: Actions that violate or misrepresent agreements, contracts, documents, or relationships relating to the institution and/or its activities, or do not represent the student's own work on institution class assignment.


Failure to comply to the student code of conduct may result in consequences such as detention, suspension, or even nonrefundable expulsion.