Cambridge Physics Program

B.S. in Physics from UC Berkeley, Ph.D. in Physics from UCLA. His students made the Finals of the USA Physics Olympiad (Top 20 in America) and scored 5 in AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, and AP Physics C, in both Mechanics and Electricity & Magnetism.

No high school level physics teachers in Southern California can boast the same qualifications and achievements. Truly knowledgeable and devoted parents knew where to find one of the best physics teachers for their children. Now, it's time for Dr. John Evans to help your children succeed in Physics too.


Dr. John Evans

B.A. in Physics from UC Berkeley, Ph.D. in Physics form Harvard, Dr. Jes Roca teaches AP Physics and Physics Olympiad.


Dr. Jes Roca

Physical Science Online



Honors Physics Online

8th & 9th Grade

2020-2021: TBA

LENGTH: 30 weeks 1.5 hours per week

TEXTBOOK: Pearson Conceptual Physics
1 chapter per week
Lecture accompanied by PowerPoint slides
Weekly homework packet due one week after each lesson
Lesson test one week after each lesson
Students take SAT Physics test at the end of the class.

Conceptual Physics.jpg

AP Physics 1 Online

High School

2020-2021: TBA

LENGTH: 30 weeks total. First 24 weeks, 2 hours each week. Last 10 weeks, 3 hours each week

TEXTBOOK: College Physics, A Strategic Approach, Volume 1
Approximately 1 chapter per week
Lesson test on the same day, so students need to study beforehand
Last 10 weeks 1 AP Physics 1 practice test every two weeks
Students can take AP Physics 1 tests at the end of each class.


Intensive AP Physics Prep

LENGTH: 10-Weeks

TUITION: $1,500

Saturdays: Diamond Bar/Walnut


The class covers all important topics for the AP Physics tests.

Students take one real AP Physics 1 test every two weeks.

College Physics.jpg

AP Physics C Online

High School 

2020-2021: TBA

LENGTH: 30 weeks total. First 20 weeks; 2 hours each week. Last 10 weeks: 3 hours each week


TEXTBOOK: Fundamental Physics, Halliday & Resnick
Approximately one chapter per week for 24 weeks
Last 10 weeks 1 AP Physics C practice test every two weeks
Lesson test on the same day, so students need to study beforehand

Fundamental Physics.jpg
Physics Olympiad Online

2020-2021: TBA

LENGTH: 20 weeks total. 3 hours each week . 


TEXTBOOK: Fundamental Physics, Halliday & Resnick

Practice tests in class every week
Students take the F=ma Exam in January, USAPhO Semifinal Exam in March. In addition, students may attend the Physics Team Training Camp in June.

Fundamental Physics.jpg